Simple templates plugin for Vim

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Simple Vim templates plugin
:Author: Adrian Perez

This is a simple plugin for Vim that will allow you to have a set of
templates for certain file types. It is useful to add boilerplate code
like guards in C/C++ headers, or license disclaimers.


The easiest way to install the plugin is to install it as a bundle.
For example, using Pathogen__:

1. Get and install `pathogen.vim `_. You can skip this step
if you already have it installed.

2. ``cd ~/.vim/bundle``

3. ``git clone git://``


Bundle installs are known to work fine also when using Vundle__. Other
bundle managers are expected to work as well.


.. important:: If you use Fish__ as your shell, you *will* need to add
``set shell=/bin/sh`` to your ``~/.vimrc`` — the plugin relies on the
setting pointing to a Bourne-compatible__ shell.



The documentation can be browsed directly in Vim::

:help template.txt

Alternatively, you can also `read it in your browser`__.




In order to update the plugin, go to its bundle directory and use
Git to update it:

1. ``cd ~/.vim/bundle/vim-template``

2. ``git pull``

With Vundle

Use the ``:BundleUpdate`` command provided by Vundle, for example invoking
Vim like this::

% vim +BundleUpdate